NewNet Services - Providing Operational Insight

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NewNet Services - Providing Operational Insight

Our Mission

Provide practical yet powerful technology that automates processes to improve operations and increase revenues through simple user interfaces and improved cooperation amongst organizational groups and systems.

NewNet Optimization

Alarm Clock - Quick Start

Quick Start

Each of our process management tools come packed with what you need to install, customize, and get your users started quickly.

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Elegant Data

Powered by MySQL, our applications treat your data with as much importance as you do; making reporting a simple task.

Shining Light Bulb - Expertise


We know that sometimes, one size does not fit all. That is why our team of experts is ready to work directly with you from design to implementation, to provide a fully customized tool that "plugs into" your current business software.

Factory Building - Industry


Telecommunication networks, power and water, stadiums, airports; if you have infrastructure, we can help you keep track of everything.

The Power of Integration

Combine all your business tools into one

We know how frustrating it can be to use multiple systems at once on a daily basis. Using web services such as REST and SOAP, we can push and pull data, to and from your current systems so that you only need one tool for all your jobs.

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Cloud Computing

Maintaining a web application can be a pain . . . That is why we do it for you.

With our host options, you can utilize your domain name, limit access to your business network and be at ease knowing that your data is safe and secure.


Never have to worry as we handle resource allocation, monitoring, scaling and upgrades for you.


It's one of the most valuable pieces to an operation. Never lose a thing as we handle the back-ups for you.

Peace of Mind

Security is extremely important. Let us take care of patches, updates and protection

More than Just Workflow